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Workshops and Experiences


Introduction to Herbalism

In this workshop participants will learn the principles of traditional healthcare in a practical and hands-on introduction, followed by two herbalism activities. At the end of the session the participant will have their handmade remedies, as well as the principles they will need to continue simple herbalism at home.

"Potion Making" for Children

In this workshop, kids will learn the principles of traditional healthcare in a series of short activities. They will explore the apothecary learning about the use of each different tool, and how herbalism has been practiced in the past, and continues to be practiced now. 

Foraging Trips to the Middle Atlas

On our foraging tours, the principles of traditional herbalism are introduced, with hands-on tips for foraging and plant identification, herbal first aid and other key principles of working with nature. We will arrange some of the herbs we find for drying, whilst others we will make into a cold-press oil for each participant to take home.