The Atlas Apothecary

An Introduction to Herbalism


In this workshop participants will learn the principles of traditional healthcare in a practical and hands-on introduction, followed by two remedy making activities. In our first activity we will explore the principles of tea making, and participants will learn how to mix the perfect blend for their needs. At the end of this session they will prepare a blend to take home with them. In the second activity participants will learn to make a traditional beeswax salve for skincare, useful for burns and bites. Each participant will go home with their handmade salve. At the end of the session the participant will have their handmade remedies, as well as the principles they will need to continue making at home.


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• Explore the apothecary
• Experiment with ancient medicinal equipment
• Learn about the history of traditional Islamic medicine
• Learn about the history of herbal medicine in Fes
• Learn the ancient art of tea mixing

• Mix your own tea to take home
• Create a soothing balm for the skin to take home


The Details

The duration of the workshop is two hours, and capacity is 6 (at the Apothecary, up to 15 elsewhere). 

Cost per person