About the Atlas Apothecary


The Atlas Apothecary is a centre for the study of traditional medicine and healthcare in the old medina of Fes, Morocco. We offer a number of experiences for participants, from lectures and round tables to hands-on workshops and foraging trips.

Our goal is to share the deep knowledge of nature and its medicinal plants which has traditionally been a part of Moroccan and Fassi culture. Through our workshops we hope to promote an empowered approach to self-care according to traditional principles, where participants leave with the skills to continue their journey into traditional healthcare at home. 


About the Founder

I am a hybrid of writer, academic, herbalist and gardener. Originally from the UK, I now live in the medina of Fes, spending my days learning from master herbalists, preparing herbs for drying, making bread, writing about healing and herbalism and learning to play the bamboo flute. 

I came to Morocco to study the traditional herbal medicine of Fes, writing about its history and anthropology. As I learnt with herbalists and healers I realised that my relationship with the tradition was becoming so much more than an academic study, and so begun my period as an apprentice herbalist studying with different herbalists around the city. I continue to study with my masters of a number of different approaches, whilst sharing their knowledge in these workshops. 

We believe that health is the key to happiness, and that traditional principles offer the most profound of insights into this. We are grounded in a spiritual understanding of tradition, which sees the beauty of nature offering us insights into who we are. As an experience for visitors we aim to provide a fun and informative opportunity to explore Moroccan culture, but one which stays with them into the future. 

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