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"Potion Making" for Children


In this workshop, kids will learn the principles of traditional healthcare in a series of short activities. They will explore the apothecary learning about the use of each different tool, and how herbal medicine has been practiced in the past, and continues to be practiced now. 

We will then have a tea tasting session, and the children will be able to mix their own tea at the end of this to take home.

The next activity will be to make fragrant and healing oil by mixing essential oils and appreciating their balance and synergy. 


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• Explore the use of ancient medicine making equipment
• Learn about the key figures in the development of medicine
• Experiment with the materials at the apothecary
• Mix 'potions' with simple herbal materials
• Learn the art of tea making

• Learn about the use of essential oils and their history in Moroccan culture
• Mix a fragrant oil to take home


The Details

The workshop lasts 2 hours and capacity is 6 at the Apothecary (up to 15 outside, with additional adult help).

Elements of the workshop may be adapted to suit larger groups. 

Cost per Child